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Come to Vision Manufacturing Solutions with your idea, and we will build it for you! We have the ability to create custom CNC parts that suit your needs. Whether you have a specific part in mind or need repairs, let us know and we will make it work for you. Our focus is on industrial and agricultural machining. We work one-on-one with businesses that need custom machining to improve their order of operations and produce only the best for their customers. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


What to Expect From Vision Manufacturing Solutions

  • CNC Parts For Agriculture and Industrial Machines

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Durable Products

  • Superior Reliability in Each Step

  • Multiple Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloy, Brass, Bronze, Plastics

  • Competitive Prices

Custom CNC Machining Services Completed With Precision

Vision Manufacturing Solutions will make whatever you need using our equipment to create a one-off component for your machine to improve its functionality and your business operations. Our focus is on efficiency and precision to achieve a design that suits your needs and built for you without trouble. We specialize in industrial-grade machinery with vastly different capabilities in speed, accuracy, axis, and more.

Precision Parts For Your Needs

Vision MFG Solutions can create OEM, ODM, and custom parts to fit your needs, budget, and timeline. From gear casings and housings to suspension and powertrain components, air valves and collectors, sprockets, and consumable parts, our machinists have years of experience working with detailed CAD plans to create the parts that you need for your business. We are CWB-certified and TSSA-certified, ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality and is made safely and accurately.

Get a Quote

When you request a quote from us, please send us your CAD design of the machined part and include the material selection and quantities. We’ll put together a detailed quote including accurate pricing and turnaround time. We can produce custom parts in a variety of materials, ensuring that your needs are met. And our manufacturing facility allows us to complete the job efficiently, quickly, and with the highest level of precision.

Choose Vision MFG Solutions in Listowel

Located in Listowel, our team provides services throughout the area. For precise results, live tooling, and other custom CNC orders you can only count on from a team like ours, let Vision Manufacturing Solutions design, build, and install your custom part for you. Fill out the form below or give us a call directly. A member of our team will assist you and get details about your custom part right away. Get a quote for your project, and get to work with us today!


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