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How Custom Welding Solutions Can Help the Agriculture Industry

For most people, welding and agriculture are two very separate industries; however, farmers rely heavily on welding services throughout the year. The farming industry utilizes various heavy machinery and requires many different types of tools and equipment depending on what type of farming they do, whether livestock, crops, or another type. Welders can create customized equipment, make repairs, or help maintain old tools or structures. For farmers, having a professional and skilled welder available throughout the year is essential for their success.

Hardfacing Attachment Edges

Hardfacing is a form of welding: rather than joining two pieces of metal together (welding), hardfacing is when wear-resistant metals are applied to a part’s surface through welding techniques. Hardfacing is necessary when machinery wears down from different types of use. The most common wear categories are abrasion, impact, and metal-to-metal.

  • Abrasion: Tractor buckets, blades, feed mixers, and grain handling products are often worn down through abrasion.

  • Impact: Crusher hammers or other equipment that needs to pound or crush materials will break down through constant impacts.

  • Metal-to-metal: Steel parts like crane wheels, pulleys, gear teeth, and shafts roll or slide against each other.

By applying wear-resistant alloys or weld metals, hardfacing can help prevent damage and even extend the life of new equipment and tools

Reinforcing Trailer Points

Tractors and trucks are often used in agriculture to haul trailers, whether for manure, livestock, or something else. Each hauling vehicle may have a different hitch requirement for the trailer. Instead of trying to match the right hitch to the attachment point on the hauling vehicle, a custom welding service can make adjustments to the trailer itself. The welder can make a variety of adjustments to the hitch, such as lengthening it. This can save time and ensure that the farmer is getting the most out of the investment.

Various Equipment and Tool Repairs

Broken gates or hinges, bent plow tines, broken trailer doors, forklifts, or milk machines – where there is steel, iron, nickel- or copper-base alloys, there is most likely a need for a welder. When any metal part of a piece of equipment or tool is bent, broken, or snaps, it requires welding to fix it. When machinery wears down due to impacts, abrasion, or metal-to-metal contact, it often requires the skill and equipment of a welder. When there are custom solutions needed that can help save time, money, and even an entire crop, you guessed it, a welding company can help.

Work With Vision Manufacturing Solutions in Listowel, Ontario

If you’re in the farming industry and are in need of a reliable, affordable, and experienced welding company, get in touch with the team at Vision MFG. Since 2009, our CWB-certified and TSSA-certified team has been providing the Listowel region with expert custom welding and fabrication and millwrighting services for the agriculture industry. We have a ​10,000-square foot facility equipped with everything necessary to complete both small and large projects. We are committed to helping farmers in the area get the welding services they need to be successful. Get in touch with us today for a quote.